The Humor in a Bad Situation

When I found out that I had an incurable disease, I worried about revealing it to others because I did not want to be seen as fragile, sick, or dying.  Now that I have shared my news, I guess I thought things would be different.  Things are not.  My friends still have every bit of confidence that I can run another marathon with them, I am still treated as if I am stronger than I am, and I am still the one everyone seeks advice from when they are going through something difficult.  I continue to lead my small group at church because I want it to continue and someone needs to do the work.  My small group is a safe place where I can just be broken and accepted but even at this place, I am not seen as broken and incurable.  This is what I wanted.  I did not want to be treated differently but I sometimes think that my will to be strong has resulted in an isolated journey. Sometimes, I am ok with that.  Other times, I am not.  Mother doesn’t understand. Husband is asleep. Wine helps.

4 thoughts on “The Humor in a Bad Situation”

  1. Going it alone is not what God intended and why he gave us families and close friends. I can relate as I also tend to go it alone (funny we’re the same in this). By stubbornly doing things my way, the issues weigh down more heavily than if I’d share the load. Finally speaking with a therapist who gave me a different perspective and suggested navigation tools has been a God send for me. I have a long journey and a lot of work ahead.

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