Leave My Skin Alone!

As I continue this blog, I am getting braver.  The first picture shows the darkened discoloration of the skin underneath my breast.  The skin is colored this way underneath both breasts but only one side is necessary to show that something systemic is going on.   Super sexy, right?  Then, the other picture is of my right leg.  I have had this hard, dried up discoloration area on my leg for almost a year now.  It is also super attractive and the questions to why it is there are endless.


Systemic Scleroderma Facts of the Day:

The average life expectancy after systemic scleroderma is diagnosed is 12 years. This is because the condition typically worsens over time. Patients who have systemic scleroderma are most probably to die as a result of heart, kidney, lung, or gastrointestinal (digestive) complications.

Happy Note:

I am meeting my friends at 5 am to run 6 miles.  I have friends.  I can still be active. Then, I will go to the hospital and be a physical therapist all day which I enjoy.  It is not all about me. There are many others that have medical conditions and pain who are struggling far worse than I am.

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