Living Happily with an Invisible Illness.

Most everyone sees my happy side.  I work very hard at it.  I do not want to be seen as sick or dying.  I think people mostly view me as a mother, wife, physical therapist, and a marathoner.  It is doubtful that people realize how I live when I am not at work, not taking care of my family, not running, or have nowhere to be.  On these days, I rest, I contemplate life, I study the bible, and I may not shower until right before the kids get home from school.  I always do better on the days that start with a run but today I rested, did nothing, and set up this blog.  I am a 46-year-old Christian, I have run 5 marathons, I am a physical therapist, and I have systemic scleroderma.  I am a mother to a 10-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old son which makes having this disease much worse.  This blog will serve as an outlet for me.  A place where I can express my feelings, my worries, my life. Can you imagine going from never having to go to the doctor to now having a rheumatologist, a cardiologist, a pulmonologist, and a gastroenterologist?  It seriously stinks!

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